Wednesday, 18 January 2017

See the Shocking Moment a Topless Lady Publicly Grabbed Donald Trump's Manhood in Spain (Photos)

A topless woman succeeded in displaying shocking moment with Donald Trump on Tuesday that she grabbed his crotch in photos and video has surfaced on social media.
The topless woman grabbing Trump's crotch
A topless feminist protester groped a waxwork of US President-elect, Donald Trump during its official unveiling in Madrid, Spain, on Tuesday morning.
According to Huffington Post, the unidentified woman, who had “grab back” and “grab patriarchy by the balls” written across her bare chest and back, reportedly broke through a security cordon to grab the crotch area of the life-sized statue of Trump. 
Video footage posted online shows her repeatedly yelling out “grab patriarchy by the balls” in both English and Spanish, while trying to evade detention by an official at the Madrid Wax Museum.
Soon after, the woman was escorted away and removed from the building. It’s unclear whether she will face police action. 
The lifelike waxwork of Trump dressed in a dark suit, red tie, giving the thumbs up, was unveiled on a red carpet in front of the museum entrance in central Madrid, just days before the president-elect's inauguration on Friday.

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