Saturday, 14 January 2017

Amazing!!! Outrage Online as Young Lady Completely Exposes Her Breasts in Pre-Wedding Photo

This couple has shocked people with their unbelievable style of staging their pre-wedding photoshoot.
The couple, probably trying to be totally different from the hordes of people staging pre-wedding photoshoots around Nigeria in recent times, went to the extreme length to achieve their aim.
The young lady actually went half-n*ked and exposing her breasts for the world to see.
See the controversial photo below:
The photo which has since gone viral online has caused serious uproar on social media.
Social media users have attacked the couple for posing in the really controversial manner to achieve their pre-wedding photo goals.
Many have accused the man and woman of seeking cheap publicity on the internet. However, others have called out the couple, accusing them of being "foolish and out of place" while trying to draw attention to themselves.
What do you think of the couple's pre-wedding photo?

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