Friday, 16 December 2016

Sponsored Post: Why painting is a good present? [Must See]

Why painting is a good present?

All of us faced with the gift rush when you have no idea what to buy as a present. Soon or later, your good friend, a loved one, a colleague will celebrate their birthday, anniversary or any other holiday. Whatever kind of holiday, you need to give a gift at all times. And the best choice in any case is a beautiful original painting.

But you should be careful when choosing the painting as a gift, trying to predict your friend’s reaction on it.

How to find the painting its new owner will like for sure?

If you are seeking for a painting for a young girl, you should get them in watercolor. As watercolors are soft and gentle in perception, they are best suited for young couples.  In case, if the acceptor is a woman of more mature age, prefer the same colors, but carefully follow the genre and plot. It is best to choose a still-life or any landscape. 

Also, in this case, pictures, painted in gouache are always welcome. As a gift, a painting is suitable not only for women but also for men. But choosing the painting for a man is more difficult.

It is necessary to take into account the interests of the man to please him. If the painting is addressed to a colleague at work, it is best to choose a cityscape, which will depict the building, night traffic, skyscrapers, etc. When you give a painting to a man who has specific favorite activities, pay a special attention to them. Get a picture of fishing gear, machines, depending on the chosen flavors.

Universal option - portrait of the receiver!

You can order the portrait of the receiver in any technique - from aquarelle to oil drawing. Such present will be very noticeable and pleasing. A person can not like landscapes or still-life. But the portrait is a very universal and luxury gift. It shows good attitude and respect and is suitable for all people - from your best friend to your boss!

Where to find proper painting?

When the problem with the choice of plot and style is solved, there is one small problem. Where to find the proper painting? Naturally, you can go to some store and order some unique painting. But not everyone can afford this pleasure because the cost of such services is higher than to buy on Jiji. 

Here you can not only find what you’d like to buy, but order any painting - from landscape to portrait! And discuss with the artist all down to the smallest details via phone. Every author will enjoy to please you with his creations for prices that are more affordable than in any store! Buy here original paintings from real artists on Jiji!

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