Sunday, 21 August 2016

So Shock: Woman With Gigantic Backside Seduces Grand Pa on the Dance Floor (Video)

A woman with a huge backside nearly took a grand pa to cloud nine as she 'grinded' and gyrated her massive bum on him. 

The grinding takes a new turn

A woman has caused commotion with her gigantic backside as she gyrated it on an old man who could not get enough of her.

The girl's big bum was well taken care of by the Grand Pa who many think should be around his 80s as they danced together. The video left many people talking.

Someone said: "Should I say it's wrong? Yes it's wrong, if the truth be told, this woman is morally irresponsible, the sexual attitude in her is out of place, she's the type that can give in to any sexual temptation, I know her type and I have seen her type, I still see them, there's no moral justification in this show of shame, it may be family gathering but who cares, any woman who's in support of this also has a questionable character, birds of the same feathers will always flock together. Just look at her, ewoo".

Another added: "At least he will die happy lol".

Someone elso wrote: "Lol see all this Nigerians ona can complain... Lawyers barristers and judges.. And some of you lot do worst.. Smh".

Watch video below:

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