Tuesday, 16 August 2016

So Incredible! Evil Cat Holds Owner Hostage in Shocking Clip Gone Viral (Photo+Video)

Here is a shocking short clip showing an evil cat has it did unbelievable by holding its owner hostage and attacking him. 

A cat owner has been left in deep shock after his cat held him hostage in a footage released online.
In footage shot on a phone that looks like a horror film, a visitor left alone in his friend's house gets cornered by the vicious cat in America.
The man was held hostage inside his bedroom. The freaky feline stands in attack position and stares him out, constantly meowing to assert its dominance, Dailystar reports.
The sheepish lad asks: "Can I go? I want to get out. You've trapped me in the bathroom." He tries to step closer but the cat maintains its position, screaming at him to stay.
Not knowing what to do – and unsure of how dangerous the angry moggy is – he tries to reason with it further, begging: "Please let me out."
But as he tries to walk around the frightening feline it lets out a huge haunting scream and he quickly retreats to safety. And things get even tenser when he makes the mistake of trying to shush the screaming moggy.
The cat lets out a demonic hiss showing it means business if he steps one tiny step closer. What happened to him afterwards was just shocking as the cat attacked him.
Watch video below:

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