Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Shock! Bus Driver Gets a Heart Attack and Dies While Driving Passengers (Photos)

A driver who was carrying his passengers to their respective destination has experienced what is seemed to be an unfortunate tragedy. 

This is the moment passengers were left horrified after their driver died on transit.
The passengers on the bus in southeast China’s Fujian Province survived the terrifying incident which occurred yesterday when the driver, 42 year old Mr Song, collapsed at the wheel in a fatal coma, allowing the bus to plough across the opposite lane.
According to local newspaper reports, paramedics arrived at the scene in Putian city and declared the driver dead after failing to revive him.
Six quick-thinking passengers on board the bus helped ensure there were no further casualties as they leapt from their seats and tried to bring the vehicle back under control.
Song’s sudden death is still under investigation.
He was confirmed physically able to drive during a medical examination in June.

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