Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Is this the Most Deceptive Student Ever? See the Photos that Have Seriously Cracked People's Ribs

New photos going viral currently on social media have revealed what has been described as a really deceptive ploy. 

These photos have taken the internet by storm since they emerged.
The photos show a group of students in class obviously taking a lecture.
At first glance, the photo above looks innocent and shows a "serious" male student in white t-shirt learning all he can from the lecturer.
However, a look at the photos below will open your eyes a little bit.
The student is actually not listening at all. He is in fact sleeping but he has carefully concealed that fact by placing a life size image of himself on his desk to look like he is listening hard.
Social media users have found the situation really funny with many calling the student a most deceptive man.
Others however commended the man's colleagues who refused to give him away by acting like nothing was happening.

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