Thursday, 18 August 2016

Breaking News!!! Heavy And Deadly Protest Happening Now In Federal University Of Agriculture (FUNAAB)

The VC, via the DSA has declared a 7 days mid semester break and all hostelites are to vacate the hostel before 6pm this evening!!!

More update coming soon!!!



The student union president popularly known as DENCO addressed the crowd at the protest and stated three things that would be done if at all the student would stop the protest

*NO ACADEMIC activities till a lasting solution is found

* School management should write a letter of commitment to the students off campus to show that they are also property of the school from hence forth

* The commissioner of police Ogun state should be presented at the protest right way .

If any of this three is not put in place the protest would move to the school gate


Presently they've blocked the road to school... No car in,,no car out...No mancot in,No mancot out..
And at the scene funaabites are already joining the protest,we can see them coming out in two's

 Vehicles are not allow to go to school either going out of sch

 The  funniest part is that some truck drivers are currently sleeping on the road with confidence #chilling on the mat

   Some of the sug excos are now at the protest scene blocking the road with the sug bus

_Police men from odeda are now around.  They are not on uniform but they are here with their official van_


Today was supposed to be a normal day until thieves came to rub and our management refused to do anything about it.

Funaabites just wanted a peaceful protest, we just wanted the Commissioner of Police to take us seriously and look into the case of the continuous robbery. We wanted the management to know that students living off campus lives matter and not ignore us.

Sadly a student died through the hand of police that refused to protect us. An 100 level student for that matter, someone's child, how would the parents fee?

Now we are to go home as the management has declared a Mid Semester Break.

What us wrong with Funaab? Where did all go wrong, everyone should please be safe.

This Session isn't normal

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