Monday, 28 December 2015

Dear Brides, Would You Rock These "Amazing" Shoes?

I know Ladies can't do without selecting the best shoes for their wedding but Most brides can take alot of time in choosing the best shoes that would be suitable and stability for their wedding
However, there are some brides who base their choice of bridal shoes on some significant event in their personal lives or in their relationship with their significant others.
There are those still who have very unique or eccentric taste in fashion and go all out to ensure that they leave mouths gaping on their wedding day.
We present you with photos  of some out-of-the world shoes that you would not usually find on the feet of the conventional bride.
Some of these footwear – as they are not all shoes – will leave you longing while others may cause you to scratch your head, baffled.
So take a look at these 13 “wonders” and let us know if you would rock any of them at your wedding?
1. These handpainted babies

2. These that look like something pulled off the plaster ceiling of some very fancy mansion.

3.  These “rose petals” wedges

4.  Best to save these for your wedding night/honeymoon and not to walk down the aisle in.

5. These wedding sneakers for the sporty bride.

6. Lacy, platform wedges for the super casual bride.

7. These enchanting fragile-looking gold lace shoes that look like they were woven by and made for fairies.

8. Do these pointy-toed, jewel encrusted Louboutins appeal to you?

9. These gorgeous butterflies!!!
10.  These “vintage” peep-toe pumps

11. These boots!

12.For the “smart” bride.

13, Beach wedding “shoes” for the bohemian bride

So which of these shoes above would you love to rock at your wedding? And which will you not be caught dead in? Tell us in the comments.

Credits: Naij

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